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Usually referred to as Corporate Social Responsibility, Brand Social Responsibility is an ethical framework and suggests that an entity, be it an organization or individual, has an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large. We use the word "Brand" instead of "Corporate" because people can wield as much social influence as corporations. Our goal is to help each and every brand find the method in which they impact the world best.  


The Founder


Born to drug-addicted parents, Ron grew up in the group home system in Camden, New Jersey. Even though the odds were stacked highly against him, he vowed to make a difference in his own life and then the world. He worked hard to graduate high school and was the first person from Camden County to leave a group home and go to college. 

 Ron went to William Patterson University where he studied Business Administration. During the summers Ron found himself homeless (he prefers the term "location independent") and was forced to couch surf and sleep on park benches. After several rounds of dropping in and out of college Ron decided that getting a degree was not a requirement to start a business. In 2010 he began to focus on educating himself organically. 

He took a class with a non-profit called Rising Tide Capital, RTC is a non-profit organization that teaches marginalized would be entrepreneurs the basics of starting and running a business. Later he took classes at Rutgers Business School and New Jersey Institute of Technology. Combined with reading countless articles, watching thousands of hours of Youtube, Ron developed his idea.

The next step was getting into a community where he could continue to develop Help Chip In in the real world. In 2013 he started volunteering at the newly founded Center For Social Innovation in New York City. Since then he has worked with many for-profit and nonprofit entities to create fundraising and awareness campaigns including the Cheesecake  FactoryThinxAPDS, and Metro PCS.

 Recently Ron has furthered his education by taking an online course on Social Entrepreneurship provided by the University of Penn. He received his certificate on February 23rd, 2017. R.D. enjoys hitting the gym, working on his other project STEAM 16, playing video games and listening to hip-hop and R&B. He is currently an NYC resident, in Crown Heights BK.


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